IA — Monster Trellis

Designing and building a monster trellis during 2013’s hot and muggy summer — five minutes of work and I looked as if I’d gone swimming.  I began by gluing twelve 4′ x 8′ trellis panels into six double-trellises, for longevity and strength — pressing them on the garage floor with every heavy object I could lift. Then added an absolutely-plumb framework over the old twisted fence posts, to which I ‘snugged in’ the double trellises (individually trimmed to fit into each section of fence). Finally, I built a framework on the front and sides of the trellises, much like a giant picture frame, to hold ‘in’ the relatively fragile trellises, and protect their edges from the elements.

The friggin’ monstrosity is held together with 12 pounds of heavy-duty (non-rusting) screws — pre-drilled to prevent the boards from cracking over time. Now — ever so slowly– honeysuckle vines are claiming the trellis — truly sensing the ‘thereness.

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